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Madeline Bergeron

Madeline Bergeron



Actress & Singer


Photos by: @mikebryknyc

Hi! My name is Madeline Bergeron but you can call me Maddie :)

I caught the acting bug at the early age of three playing the Evil Queen and Old Hag in "Snow White". I remember being a little upset that I hadn't landed the titular role before realizing that playing the villain is much more fun! By the time I was seven, I was starring annually in VERY off-Broadway productions in the basement of my cousins' house (I must hold the record for youngest Elle Woods!) 

I grew up moving every few years for my father's job and had lived on three continents by the time I turned 12. My nomadic childhood is definitely where I developed my social-butterfly tendencies! I am currently located in New York City where I recently completed my Bachelor of Music at Manhattan School of Music.

Next Up:

  • GREASE (Patty Simcox) at Priscilla Beach Theatre - July 2023


The Wayne Agency - East
Film and Television
Tracey Anbiya 

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